Bareback riding with fun Thai girl

Dow was a great find. This Thai girl was so friendly and fun I had to take her back to my room that night. She even danced for me and didn’t mind the camera either. I slipped into her bareback and it reminded me why I like Thai girls so much. Anything goes! With a little prodding she climbed on top and rode me until I creampied in her snatch, and I tell you it was incredible.

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Shagging a cute Thai bar girl

Oooh when I saw this girl in the bar I knew I had to make a move. She’s a real cutie and stood out from all the other bar girls trying to hook up with sex tourists like me. It’s no surprise all the girls in these types of tourist traps are available for the right fee, what is a surprise is how little it takes.


So she comes back to the room and I have her shower (note to future sex tourists – this is a must). She’s used to getting her picture taken but was a little shy showing her face with my dick in her. No biggie I just pounded that pussy doggy style. One thing I know for sure… Thai girls are tight!

Thai girl fucked doggystyle for an ass creampie

I admit I’m a sucker for long hair, so when I saw this cute Thai girl obviously working the gringos on Walking Street I had to make a move. And by make a move I mean I let her know I was a buyer. As a man on a (hopefully) never ending sex tour in Thailand I know that money gets results fast.


A few minutes later I had her naked in my room upstairs and ready to earn some baht. What’s great here is that the girls are used to sex tourists like me taking pictures. All good, right? I had her get on her knees and tapped that tight Thai pussy until I pulled out and blew my load on her ass. Like the pics?

Busty Thai Girl up in my hotel room

Woah I ran into a tasty treat today. I saw this busty Thai girl with her titties almost popping out of her tight dress and I knew in a moment she was working it. What’s a horny guy to do? I like Thai girls, and I like big tits, so this was a no brainer.


I brought this busty Thai girl up to my hotel room and had a great time feeling those tits up. She has a tattoo across her belly and I thought about shooting my load there, but after I had my way with her I ended up creaming her ass crack. Just as good. Smile  I love Thai pussy.

Thai anal sex girl with real petite body

I was heading down to the bars to get some drinks when I noticed this petite Asian girl working the guys on the street. Normally it was too early for me to think about Thai pussy but this girl hooked me in with her smile and her tiny body. I figured what the hell – it’s only a short walk to my hotel.


I took some pics like I always do and she zipped out of those clothes like they were on fire. I fucked her deep but what I really wanted was some Thai anal sex from her. I had to pay a little extra but I felt like my dick was gigantic by the way she grunted and screamed. Yeah it was awesome.

Thai blowjob and tight pussy sex

When I originally set out for some fine Thai pussy and picked up this sexy bar girl, I had no idea she had cock sucking skills that were off the charts. I should have known from the start – her lips latched on with incredible sucking power, making it one of the best blowjobs I ever had, for real. You just can’t teach something like that.


Another surprise awaited me when I got a glimpse of her pussy. She keeps herself nicely trimmed (I just don’t want my pussy to be too hairy) and those pussy lips were a flush pink just waiting for some attention. Maybe it’s because Thai girls are so petite, but that tight pussy sex was just amazing.

Thai handjob from local bar girl

Check out this little cutie I picked up at the bar. These Thai girls have no qualms about what they do to earn your crisp cash, and I had no qualms about getting a deal. I was a little short of cash after eating and drinking a ton that night, but it really doesn’t take much to get these Thai girls naked in your hotel room.


I had a hard time with her name – I think it was ‘Ae’ or something – but she gave up her tight Asian pussy quick enough. It felt like a cum pumping vice! She had some skills with those hands too! With little prompting from me she gave me a killer Thai handjob while tickling my balls to make me cum.

Hot Thai girl sex

This hot Thai girl was in a bar dancing up a storm. Between dances she cruised the floor looking for potential customers, like myself. I chatted her up and although I could barely understand her, my cock got stiff just looking into her eyes. I paid my bar fee and took her for a sex romp.
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As Thai girls go, this hottie was tall and slender so I wanted to feel those legs wrapped around me. She was more of a grunter when getting fucked, so I thrust extra hard to turn up her volume. Eventually I switched to my favorite sex position (doggy style) and went balls deep. It was a little slice of tender pie, and my cock thanked me for it.

Thai street girl

Just look at this sweet thing. I talked to this Thai girl on the street outside of Sweethearts bar in Pattaya. It’s one of the most popular tourist places here – for horny men anyway. I had to have a little taste of her Thai pussy so I booked her for a short time romp.
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She was dressed kinda like a schoolgirl so I had her keep her clothes on and just take her panties off. I bent her over the desk and fucked this Thai street girl with my hard cock meat. What a great view! When I blew my load I was careful not to get any on her skirt, and she headed back out into the night…

Tiny Thai girl

When I say this Thai girl is tiny, that means she is really petite. I could probably pick her up with one hand. I was wondering how tight her pussy was and I intended to find out when I hired her as my short time girl.
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I found out her nude body was perfectly proportional, so no freaky surprises. We got busy and fucking this tiny Thai girl was almost like fucking a sex doll, only she really talked and moaned! She definitely was tight as could be, and I filled that Thai pussy with as much cum as could shoot out of my big balls.